Six Ideas to Accessorize a Vinyl Fence: Create Your Space

Homeowners find little buyer’s remorse after installing a vinyl fence to meet their perimeter fencing needs. Vinyl fencing lasts for decades and requires minimal upkeep and maintenance. Additionally, vinyl fencing provides exceptional privacy and contrasts well with a home’s architecture and landscaping. There are many accessories that can be installed on or around a vinyl fence to further enhance and customize a yard space. 

Accessories can be added to a vinyl fence to enhance the outdoor living space with decorative solar lighting, plant hangers, artistic decor, and garden enclosures. Adding accessories to a PVC vinyl fence may require additional planning and the consideration of the reinforcement needs of the fence. 

This post is designed to provide ideas for accessorizing your vinyl fence. Here, I explore my top ten list of highly rated vinyl fence accessories that will beautify, enhance, and customize your outdoor space. Most of the accessories on the list are from Amazon. 

Vinyl Fence Lighting: Elegance Into the Night

My favorite vinyl fence accessory is the addition of fence post lighting. As the sun drops below the horizon, solar LED lighting options emanate a soft romantic glow that add distinction and charm to the landscaping through dusk and into the night. Most vinyl fence lighting options screw directly into the vinyl fencing material. Options include solar LED lighting for vinyl fence post caps, rails, or adjacent landscaping.

Vinyl Fence Post Cap Lighting

Before purchasing vinyl fence post cap lighting, ensure the dimensions of the product being purchased will fit your fence post. Here are a few Amazon post cap lighting options:

Davinci Lighting Flexfit Solar Outdoor Post Cap Lights

Square Post LED Light Post Deck Cap

Vinyl Fence Rail Lighting

JSOT Solar Powered Deck Lights

Landscape Lighting

GIGALUMI Outdoor, Waterproof Solar Pathway Lights

Vinyl Fence Hanging Hooks

A vinyl fence can certainly be used to hang lightweight plants and decor. However, if the item is excessive in weight, consult your vinyl fence manufacturers’ load capacity. If necessary, consider adding additional reinforcement to the post and rails. Read more on post reinforcement here.

MIDE Products 23SET-W Fence Hooks

Hengguang 5 PCS Hanging Basket Brackets

Vinyl Fence Rail Planters

Vinyl fence rail planter boxes offer a great option for adding thrillers, fillers, and spillers around your landscape perimeter. The vinyl fence offers a great background accent for these planters to really stand out. Additionally, garden irrigation systems can be run up through the vinyl fencing material by the DIY enthusiast to automate watering cycle needs. 

H Potter Window Planter Box Copper

Kinglake 10 Pcs Metal Iron Hanging Flower Pots

Vinyl Fence Mini Enclosure Accents

Mini vinyl fence enclosure accents can be used in many different ways to add character and contrast around landscaping objects such as: trees, flowerbeds, gardening, lawn corners, utility boxes and A/C units, etc. 

ECOOPTS 38″ X 95″ Vinyl Corner Picket Enclosure

Vinyl Fence Wall Decor

Vinyl fencing lends itself to be an excellent backdrop for decorative artistic accents. Here are a couple of Amazon ideas to consider: 

Scwhousi Metal Dragonfly Wall

Riverside Designs Wacky Sun Metal Wall Art Steel Outdoor Decor (36″, Copper)

Vinyl Fence Ivy Lattice

Many varieties of ivy can climb virtually anything. A vinyl fence offers an excellent backdrop for ivy. To encourage the shaping of ivy growth, homeowners can install ivy lattice systems directly to the vinyl fencing. Also, decorative ivy lattice makes a great accent. And, for those who don’t want to deal with the potential ivy takeover risks and near-permanent attachment of ivy rootlets to their vinyl fencing, homeowners can look at faux ivy latticing as an alternative.   
Garden Land Willow Expandable Plant Climbing Lattices Trellis Fence Support 36×92 Inch

DearHouse Artificial Ivy Privacy Fence Screen, 98.4x59in

MARTHA&IVAN Fake Vines 42 Strands Ivy Vines

Terri Williams

Terri Williams has over 20 years of experience in the construction, contracting, and remodeling industry. Most of the experience has incorporated installing fence, building decks, and exterior painting. Terri is also a DIY enthusiast and when not at work, loves to spend free time on personal projects such as additions, remodels and landscaping upgrades.

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